Holistic Cures for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting over a quarter of a million people in America, primarily between the ages of 20 and 40. As the diseases progresses in the body, movement, sensation, and organ function are affected. Multiple sclerosis is brought on by damage of the myelin insulation covering the neurons in the brain and spinal cord, which make up the central nervous system. As the myelin is destroyed, the messages sent from neurons are transmitted less effectively and at a slower pace, which results in delayed mobility, including speech, vision impairment, and walking. The exact reasons why the disease occurs are not completely known, but holistic cures for multiple sclerosis have been researched for decades and some breakthroughs have been made in this area.

One device that has been shown to produce marked, positive results in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis is called Quantum Pulse. An older, more dated version of this device was referred to as the ‘Vibe Machine’. Both machines provide the same function, so it is of no importance which one you use. They create a expansive amount of random electrical waves which have proved effective against the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Patients are advised to use the device daily for at least a month to see if there are any significant changes in their symptoms.

Many researchers have studied multiple sclerosis and deduced that some cases of multiple sclerosis are caused by a lack of vitamin deficiency, specifically, vitamin B12 deficiency, which can cause damage to the myelin sheath. Taking vitamin B12 orally has been shown to be ineffective against MS. If a person has a deficiency in B12, injections are recommended, according to some medical doctors.

The difficulty of pinpointing multiple sclerosis in patients has led to many claims that there is no true, tried and true definition of what MS is. As such, the ways in which to treat the disease can run the gamut from the conventional to the non-traditional. There are, however, several prominent features of multiple sclerosis that the majority of researchers agree are related to MS. Systemic enzymes have been researched and thought to improve the condition of sufferers of MS. They can reduce inflammation, which is a response of the body to injury. When the body is inflamed, the healing process is slower, which is a detriment to MS patients. Proteolytic enzymes reduce inflammation, allowing the repair and regeneration of injured tissues. Systemic enzymes also cleanse the blood of fibrin and necrotic debris. Supplementing the body with systemic enzymes also drastically improves the ability of the immune system to carry out its primary job. Systemic enzyme intake cleans out circulating immune complexes from the body, which reduces allergies and autoimmune conditions. Also, scar tissue is digested in the body when systemic enzymes are used, which helps the circulatory system.

A significant percentage of doctors that have researched other holistic cures for multiple sclerosis that involve a change in diet and aerobic activity. The results vary in individuals and this many patients are advised to experiment with many alternatives until they find the regimen that works best for their specific case of multiple sclerosis. Decreasing protein to 10% of caloric intake has been proven to alleviate symptoms in some patients. It is worth nothing that the protein should come from plant protein when possible for optimal benefit. Eliminating milk and milk products can lead to some pain alleviation. Organic fruits and vegetables, as well as wheat and soy products are beneficial for MS patients. It is also important to reduce or eliminate polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening, and all foods that may contain fatty acids. Olive oil should be used instead and a fresh fish, walnuts, and flax seeds should be added to your diet. These dietary changes are holistic cures for multiple sclerosis that nearly anyone can afford.

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