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Diseases that Mimic Multiple Sclerosis

Although multiple sclerosis is known the world over as an autoimmune disease, there are several diseases that mimic multiple sclerosis that are not known to the general public. As there is no single diagnostic test to determine if someone is afflicted with MS, the possibility of misdiagnoses is not uncommon. Many times, physicians use on […]

Multiple Sclerosis and Its Relationship With Menopause

The main reason as to why women are often concerned about multiple sclerosis is because research has proven that women are the larger percentage of those mostly affected by the disease. Statistics also seem to seal the fate of women in justifying their vulnerability to multiple sclerosis. Indeed, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, […]

What You Should Know About Dementia from Multiple Sclerosis

There are many concerns about how the multiple sclerosis can affect the cognition in the patient including the multiple sclerosis dementia. It has been found out that the multiple sclerosis affects the thinking capacity and how the memory of the patient works. The cognition is normally about focusing and maintaining attention, when someone is learning […]

The Relationship Between Shingles and Multiple Sclerosis

The research had found out that shingles and multiple sclerosis have a relationship, since many people who had the shingles are at least 4 times at risk to develop Multiple sclerosis than the people who have never suffered the shingles. The shingles is the result of the reactivation of virus that caused chickenpox in the […]

Multiple Sclerosis and Memory Loss

Multiple sclerosis is known to be the cause of physical damage as well as change to the brain and the spinal chord both of which are connected to a person’s memory component, hence if they are affected the consequent result is likely to be the loss of memory. Studies have been conducted on this relationship […]

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