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Taking Daclizumab for Multiple Sclerosis

The drug daclizumab is known as a drug that manufactured to treat patients that suffer from multiple sclerosis. The drug, in combination with other treatments, has been proven to lower the body’s natural immunity in patients who receive kidney transplants. It is, in the eyes of MS sufferers, one of the most promising drugs to […]

Taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive degenerative disease in which the nerves are disturbed and is caused by a gradual loss of the myelin sheath that surrounds each nerve cell. In essence, the body’s immune system attacks the body’s tissues as if they were foreign proteins. The myelin sheath facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses. As […]

Colostrum for Multiple Sclerosis

Colostrum is made in New Zealand from the best grade of bovine colostrum. It aids in immune function support, growth factors, and provides positive effects effects for overall health and well-being. The majority of people that take cow colostrum do so as a daily immune system booster, particularly in people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). […]

Aminopyridine for Multiple Sclerosis

After decades of research and clinical trials, several drugs have emerged in the treatment of multiple sclerosis that have proven quite effective. One of them, 4-aminopyridine (also known as 4-AP and Fampridine) is a drug that blocks potassium channels in neurons., which effectively improves the transmission of nerve impulses down damaged or destroyed axons. Multiple […]

Vitamin D3 for Multiple Sclerosis and Other Afflictions

Vitamin D3 is known to provide a protective shield exert against the disease of multiple sclerosis. It is produced by body naturally, so it is not a vitamin. It is a powerful intercessor of the immune function also well known for its efficiency on metabolism and calcium. It is essential for people to take Vitamin […]

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