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Foods to Avoid with Multiple Sclerosis

There are many foods to avoid with multiple sclerosis. For example, sugar has no nutritional value. Furthermore, studies have shown that they can be dangerous for people with certain diseases as they compromise their immune systems. Processed sugars have been studied extensively and are known to prevent the autoimmune system from functioning at optimal levels. […]

Multiple Sclerosis Diet Recipes

For added health benefits and to strengthen the entire body, multiple sclerosis diet recipes for sufferers of the disease provide assistance to those with increased nutritional needs. To alleviate the symptoms of the degenerative disease, incorporating healthier foods into your daily dietary regimen has proven effective against multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a neuro-degenerative disease which […]

Multiple Sclerosis Pain Relief Management

An important consideration in the multiple sclerosis pain relief management is the understanding of the pathophysiology of pain. It can broadly be divided in the two, primary and secondary, mainly associated with the demyelination of tissues. It basically includes the neuropathic pain characterized by severe burning sensations. The occurrence of pain in multiple sclerosis is […]

How to Treat Fatigue from Multiple Sclerosis

A common notion for Multiple Sclerosis is that the person who has it is most likely to suffer from Fatigue. This may not be overcome or relieved by getting sleep especially if it is in chronic condition. Physical and mental weariness is very inevitable, causing discomfort to a patient’s life. However, it is best to […]

The Swank Diet for People with Multiple Sclerosis

There has been a considerable increase in the number of rich foods available and so has it been for multiple sclerosis with the parallel increasing going unnoticed for most doctors. It is a known fact that diets that are concentrated in animal fats as well as processed food are huge contributing factors for the development […]

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